Really Perfect…Perfectly Real?

Really Perfect...Perfectly Real?
Soft colors in this floral print add a feminine touch to a checkered print silk dress.   The accessories are  textured, yet simple and dainty.   Pointed toe kitten heels keep the look classy and elongates the leg.

Ladies, stop trying to be perfect!

By Kelly Wallace, CNN

I usually catch myself before I utter the p-word to one of my daughters, but every once in a while it comes flying out of my mouth and I cringe.

“You look perfect,” I might say when one of them gets dressed up for a holiday.

After I say it, I immediately wish I had my own personal eraser button because I’ve been plagued by an intense perfectionism for pretty much my entire life — and the last thing I want to do is pass along that horrible trait to my children.

Shop The Look:  Style Head to Toe
Shop The Look: Style Head to Toe