For The Love of Shoes

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Christian Louboutin Lady Peep Slings

I have a confession… I have an addiction that I just can not shake.

i love shoes

Now to be totally honest I am obsessed with fashion, all fashion.  I love to play dress-up and I have more accessories and clothes that a normal girl needs.  But it is not out of control and I look for sales and bargains because I believe getting more for my money. However, I can not fight the urge when it comes to shoes.  I stand tall in my heels and although I am not a ballerina I need my flats.  I could never pass on “another” pair of black boots and beach or not, I flip for flops.  Through all the high, and lows, whether skinny or chunky, I will remain friends with Marten, Mary, Tim and Chelsea.  Yeah, I have got it bad and below is one of the reasons why… just too many choices.



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