❤ Yourself


springAs women, we are bombarded daily by images in the media that may not reflect the image that we see in the mirror. I have battled many of these issues on a personal level as many of you have.

At one point in my life, I felt I was too skinny, now I think that I am too fat. No matter how “put together” I may look or the number of compliments I receive on my attire, I never felt complete.

I now have the insight to know that no matter what size I am, I will never feel complete, because what I see on the outside is not the issue; it is how I feel about myself on the inside.

I believe that it is now time as women for us to become empowered. We should learn why we think this way, how to live healthier and how to love ourselves completely.

silhouette-girl-at-computer2Why is it that women pick up on the slightest slur and never hear the good stuff? Criticisms are stored forever; compliments evaporate instantly.
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